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Open rates that will amaze you

ZDirect, Inc’s Hotel eMarketing software provides real-time guest profiles; email offers to potential hotel guests based on their preferences. This means greater open rates and greater response rates – which makes for a larger bottom line!

The ZMail platform provides effective e-mail marketing tools that enable hoteliers with real time, trackable and measurable media to increase ROI. Provided within our ZMail Platform, you are give the tools to create highly targeted and personalized offers to specified audiences which will drive responses to your hotel website, social networks and so much more.

Creative list segmentation will give you bigger returns while sending the same message to your entire list will keep you in the bulk bin.

Just one example…

The weekend is fast approaching and your property is sitting at 30% occupancy and you have a great wine pairing event in your restaurant. You look at your database and realize you have a group of contacts that are within the drive market, a group that requested to be informed of last minute deals and a group that loves wine tasting.  Instead of slashing prices to almost nothing and handing those rooms to an online travel agency, you create a last minute offer to email to these contacts that are not booked for the weekend. Our system will allow you to market your unsold inventory and cut out the middle men!

Give them what they ask for!

Hotel eMarketing


Hotel Marketing Automation

Hotel Marketing Automation helps you reduce costs and optimize your limited resources by introducing automated eMarketing workflow processes which take care of the routine tasks throughout the day, freeing up time so the marketing staff can be more efficient.

Hotel Marketing Automation takes regular email marketing to the next level.  It doesn’t eliminate traditional eMarketing, it enhances it. Using a specified action from a form submission, email campaign, click to a link, and newly released checks for current Reservations; the Drip Marketing automated process will send a set of email messages or content to those within the qualifying workflow. These types of Marketing Campaigns allow you to constantly and efficiently stay in contact with VIP guests, potential clients and new leads.

Hotel eMarketing diagram

Google Analytics

Automatically include Google Analytics tracking to your communication emails.

Intelligent Blog Integration

Offer dynamic and relevant blog posts through Event Driven Communications.

A/B Split Testing

What if a simple change to your email design could increase your eMarketing conversion rates? You would make the change, right? ZDirect, Inc provides the tools to test your email designs inside the ZMail platform with A/B Split Testing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a randomized “test” that takes two variants of a Marketing Email, presents them both to different members of the audience, and then tracks the differences in a performance report.

Once the testing is completed, you will receive a notification message letting you know the results. At this time you can log into ZMail and review the winner version.

A/B Split Testing gives you the ability to test Subject Lines, Creative Layouts, and content.

A-B Split Testing